Strip Designer – A Great Comic Strip Creation App | iPad Apps for School

I used Strip Designer to create the Forman READS posters–it’s very use, and lots of great options for editing images.
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Education Case Studies

Quick and Fabulous Editing Techniques – Haiku Deck used to communicate concepts (and allow catch-up), by Haiku Deck Guru Danielle Filas (@msfilas) #iPDX13

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Click through for some great examples of Haiku Deck being used in education.


Which Q&A App Sucks The Least? [Chart] ??? ReadWrite



Pixabay – Public Domain Images

Media_httppixabaycoms_fbilg is a collection of public domain images; they can be used in print or digital format without attribution. The Presentation LibGuide ( has more resources for finding and citing copyright-friendly images and music.


Using Photo Scavenger Hunts in the Classroom

Using Photo Scavenger Hunts in the Classroom

“I think that there is a preconception about scavenger hunts being juvenile and lacking the capacity for academic rigor. I myself truly believe that when used well, photo scavenger hunts can be engaging ways to get students out of their seats while providing opportunities for higher-order thinking. After all, if designed correctly, a photo scavenger hunt requires students to not only be familiar with the concepts, but be able to find examples of the concepts in real life.”


Managing browser tabs

Lifehacker recently ran two posts about effectively managing multiple browser tabs. The first, Why You Should Never Have More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open argues that for optimal performance you shouldn’t keep lots of tabs open; the counterpoint, It’s Okay to Open More Than Nine Browser Tabs gives tips for how to effectively manage lots of open tabs.