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Inspiration maps and nearpod

I had an interesting experience in my science class. The LCD projector in my classroom needs a new light bulb which has required some creative teaching on my part now that I am technology dependent. What did I turn to, my iPad of course. First, after doing a short activity with salt and water, I guided my students in a discussion about matter. I had the students create a Frame on their iPads using inspiration. Although the students could not “see” what I was going, I was able to walk around with my iPad in hand and watch as they created their maps, still guiding them in a discussion. If they were not creating their map correctly I helped them make the changes. Then I had the students participate in a NearPod presentation. All I did was take one of my Keynote Presentation, exported it as a pdf and then uploaded it into NearPod. It was great. The students were using their iPads with the presentation next to them, then used their computers to take the more detailed notes as I was discussing the topic. As I uploaded each slide to them, they took the notes down then we discussed further the information they needed. Class turned out to be interactive, dynamic and full of discussion. I was able to continue on with my student centered learning. 

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