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Tame the Tech: Diigo


Diigo is an online bookmarking site that lets you easily save and find bookmarks. Rather than being saved on your computer, your bookmarks are saved in the cloud–meaning you can get to them on anywhere you can get online.

You can also tag your bookmarks with keywords to help you more easily find them again. For example, I have over 2,200 bookmarks saved in my Diigo account, but I can always find the one I’m looking for because I’ve used tags to organized them (for example: iPad, history, science, and reading are some of my most frequently used tags).

The video below is about a service called del.icio.us, which works the same way Diigo does:


The other great thing about Diigo is that you can use it to find out what other people with similar interests are bookmarking. The video below gives an overview of both tagging and Diigo groups:


How do you think a site like Diigo would be useful to you? How might students find it useful? Leave a comment below!



One thought on “Tame the Tech: Diigo

  1. I use my diigo a lot but not as much as I should. I store my video clips on it. I When I upgraded to iOS 6 some of my bookmarks (don’t ask) went missing, but I remembered I had saved them in diigo. I have it on my browser bar so I just went to diigo and found my category science: food and bingo there is was. I will have my students use diigo to stored their researched information for the food projects. I will show them how to create a category and then add in their recipes resources. That way they won’t keep loosing their recipes like what happened last year. I Dig my Diigo!!!

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