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Unit Organizers, Inspiration, and Dropbox

During Thursday’s professional development workshop, our group was discussing options for using the Unit Organizer with students who struggle with handwriting. While the front page of the Unit Organizer can’t be easily replicated in Inspiration, the second page can–and that’s the page we were most concerned about, as it can be hard for some students to write detailed notes in a confined space.

I created a quick template of the second page of the Unit Organizer we were working on; the map can easily be shared in editable form via Dropbox. Once the map is finished, it can easily be shared and printed as a PDF.

The two videos below give on overview of how to distribute a map via Dropbox, and how to get started with Inspiration.





One thought on “Unit Organizers, Inspiration, and Dropbox

  1. Very true and did you know that you can use inspiration maps to create a Frame Routine. I did that before the Thanksgiving Break. I first modeled using the frame routine, then after the students were proficient, we then got onto our iPads and created the Frame in the map template. The students really like it because they could change colors of the bubbles, or they could make different shapes, but we still kept in there "Key Topic is about, then three to four main ideas, with four details, then I had all of the arrows point to a final box answering the questions, "So what? What is important to understand about this. Worked well. Will use it when doing expanded maps for the Unit Organizer. Thanks Sara!!!!

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