Power Searching with Google

Power Searching with Google

Thanks for visiting! For a short time, the course materials for Power Searching with Google will remain accessible below. Then they will be made permanently available at the Google Search Education site.

Note that only Google can post to these groups, and you will not receive messages from other users.

Hope to see you in one of the upcoming classes!


Bookshare and Read:OutLoud

Michigan’s Integrated Technology Supports (part of the Michigan Department of Education) has a great series of video tutorials for understanding and getting started with Bookshare and Read:OutLoud.




I’ve posted links to these sites on the Assistive Technology LibGuide as well.


I’ve shared Wallwisher before (it’s what we used to gather ideas for last June’s Edcamp), but I hadn’t looked at it recently. They’ve updated the site and it’s even better than before. You can get started with one click (and later set the wall to private if you’d like by creating an account) and easily add text, links, images, and other files to your wall simply by dragging and dropping the files.

Wallwisher even works great on the iPad now, too!

Wallwisher is a great tool for students to gather ideas and questions on a topic. I’ve heard from lots of teachers who use it as a formative assessment tool.