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Prezi with students

When I first started using Prezi two year ago it was not very intuitive but I kept plugging away at it. I resolved that I would master this program. In that two year there have been some significant changes, so I started using it to make my presentations in class. Supper easy. During the last 3 days of the 2nd marking period the Design Tech students are given time to work on a group project where they have to research and create a presentation on What is Food. This year I had several students decide to do the presentation in Prezi. They found the program very easy to use and enjoyed it very much. I had two students working collaboratively on their project where one had it on his computer while the other was using the Prezi app. They shared the Prezi with each other and then they were able to make changes, save it and then it would show up on the other person Prezi. Really cool. Because they had work collaboratively, one student was sent home sick and was not able to do the presentation, but the other student carried on with out him. It was so seamless. I had three groups using Prezi and all three groups enjoyed the program very much. Definitely a keeper because it is great on both the computer and the iPad. Some features are different on the iPad but the student can still make changes and additions. 


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