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Really? It???s My Job To Teach Technology?

Really? It’s My Job To Teach Technology?

“We are not teaching technology, we are teaching skills that every student needs to have and technology happens to be a part of that. Create can be met with paper and pencil, with glue and scissors, with a hammer and nail, or with movie maker and it should be the job of every teacher to expose students to different ways of creating content that fits within their discipline.”



One thought on “Really? It???s My Job To Teach Technology?

  1. Technology should be the tool to creativity. The iPad allows for students to be creative but within parameters. I teach Content Enhancement Routines and have the students co-construct the routine with me first on a computer. Once the students have learned the routine using the devices, then I have them create something "similar’ in inspiration. The inspiration map must look similar to the Frame Routine, but instead of boxes, the students can use clouds. Instead of black and white they can make them purple or green or blue. All the components of the Frame are there but the students has made it their own using inspiration and because it was on the iPad there is the tactile connection as well. It is a tool to access information but it can also be a tool to guide creativity.

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