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Social Media and Superstorm Sandy

Social Media Management during Hurricane Sandy

“For authorities, news outlets and individuals (many still without power), social media channels seem to be the only choice. For those looking for up-to-the-minute ways to seek and share information about the disasters, it’s clear social media channels are emerging as the best, most accessible tools. Meanwhile, the top status update on Facebook for example, the morning of October 30 was “We are ok,” written by people reassuring their distant friends and relatives.”


How Truth and Lies Spread on Twitter

“According to the Pew Research Center’s State of the Media 2012 report, 36 percent of people who use Twitter for news said most of the links they follow come from friends and family, while 27 percent say most come from news organizations, and 18 percent mostly follow links from other organizations such as think tanks.”


Sorting the real Sandy Photos from the Fakes

“The fakes come in three varieties: 1) Real photos that were taken long ago, but that pranksters reintroduce as images of Sandy, 2) Photoshopped images that are straight up fake, and 3) The combination of the first two: old, Photoshopped pictures being trotted out again.”


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