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Blogging for English Class

In two of the classes that I teach (Post-Apocalyptic Literature, Honors Essays and Non-Fiction Literature), students are required to create and maintain a blog through weekly updates.  The purpose of this is three-fold: it allows students that aren’t great in class discussion to conversationally show their absorption of the material, and it gives them another forum to discuss on their terms.  It also helps them get used to the growing use of online discussions in college classes.  We’ve been using Blogger.com, which is a fairly user-friendly blog host.
Students in Non-Fiction have been required to find articles on the unit topic (this unit is Religion in American Society) and write about their opinions concerning that article.  Students in Post-Apocalyptic Lit have been given a more creative outlet: Blog Like It’s The End Of The World, an idea that came out of a worldwide social media day earlier this year.  They are required to discuss a post-apocalyptic event, put themselves in the event, and write journal updates each week describing various issues they would face, such as the gathering of food or the creation of shelter.  Overall, this has been a positive experience thus far.

Student Examples:


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