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Just posted to Forman Library’s Diigo
via Diigo http://www.nearpod.com
NearPod is an app that allows you to push presentations to student iPads (including presentations and videos). Students can submit responses (including multiple-choice questions, text answers, and drawings) to the teacher through the app. A spreadsheet with student responses can be mailed to the teacher from the app.If you’d like a demo, download the teacher and student apps (both free!) and I’d be happy to show you a sample lesson.


One thought on “Nearpod

  1. Alex Funnell showed it to me. I had seen it on the 103 must have apps but did not get a chance to "play". Alex came into my classroom so excited about the app that he showed me how he used it in his Geography class. I loved it immediately. So, I started a presentation. It was pretty easy to use and rather intuitive. When Sara came out with her Technology rubric and decide that in January I would begin class with a technology review and overview using NearPod, with questions for the students to respond to. I will also work to use it during the Chemistry of Food unit because that needs more direct instruction. I cannot wait to begin using it. So cool.

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