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Edcamp Forman takeaways

Strawson – paper port notes take a picture of handout put it in app and the kids can use it and record answers and can add my own text.  can be sent electronically

Jane – dropbox learned how it is a way to store and share, its friggin’ awesome.
diigo for keeping track of things and organization

kristy – learned you can use Dragon Dictation in Spanish for pronunciation.

Shawn – Inspiration, there is a lab report template that will help with next year.

Kyle – Socrative using the live testing feature so you can see how they are doing as the test is going on.

Annie – Didn’t get into the whole iPad, learned Evernote so she can keep better track of items from the deans office.  All happy.

James – students have different levels of comfort for technology, the teachers are the same way and that the teachers need to get there too.

Nigel – learned that if i loose my phone or ipad I can find it.

Missi – educreations Writing on ipad and interactive white board and you can record everything.  if a student is absent they can access the information that was shared in class.

Rebecca- learned a new use for speech selection.  You can hear the errors in your (and others’) writing.

Hilary – soundnote  They students can record a lecture and they can tag the notes with simple words so they can access the lecture later.

Justine – bunch of different apps and ideas that I can use over the summer to play with and learn different things.

Robert – inspiration Oraganizing information in little bubbles and then put it into sentences.  you can see information in multiple ways. 

Chris – how to get pdfs into drop box, Zach more likely to get a tatoo of Kyle than Strawson
etext books to read a strategy

Nicole – realizes her limitations in technology and is looking forward to more inservices and where can the technology can be used.

Sara – to use screenr to show kids how to do things.


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